Jeff Foust

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We are all born artist says Jeff Foust owner and proprietor of Liquid Swordz. Its instinct. We mark our property. We mark our territory. We dress in a certain way to identify with our group. Since our Existence. This is mans artistic expression. Everyone Everywhere is an artist of some kind. Sure we always think of people who can draw, painters and sculptors. What about singers, poets, cooks, playing an instrument, interior design, hair dresser, architect or mechanic. Anything man creates is a form of art.

Foust has always been an artist. Drawing since he could hold a crayon. Art classes to full time art school. Always creating something; With over 20 years painting experience. The last ten years he’s been creating tattoos. Forging his own style. Voted “Best Tattoo Shop” by the Eastern Echo. Jeff Foust is an artist in everyway shape and form. Painter, Tattooist, Cook, Poet, Song Writer, and even “Singer” or “Vocalist” in a couple of bands. So come in and have Jeff help you express your artistic side.